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Total progress in business demands a strong resolve to harness the energies and driving forces in a systematic way to achieve the goals loaded with purpose and vision. Weak resolve is easily uprooted by emotion, mood and circumstance.
Strong resolve speaks volumes about the strength of the character The character is like a diamond that shines in the dark hours, taking the organization to the new height of success. even during the tough economic times.
Strong willed people always carry with them, the agenda of transforming their dream of total quality management into reality at all the levels of the organization. They organize weekly, adapt daily and find practical ways for effective implementation of total quality programs. They schedule the block of their prime time for planning and delegating. This style of management leads to build higher management skills and pours sense of responsibility in team members, inculcating discipline.
At Kankariya, discipline is defined as the ability to make and keep the promises and honoring the commitments. We derive enormous power from the principle of honoring promises. as it leads to strong self esteem and high integrity: - the foundation of true success.
We measure our success with the satisfaction levels of our customers. Careful planning with total customer care attitude has maintained a sense of perspective, purpose and priority at all the levels to look after customer interest first; as customer is the prime part of the organization. We have enduring relationship with our customers creating the environment of response management.
It is the resolve to build the response management system that has created the order and beauty in all aspects of our management.
Mr. P. R. Kankariya CMD of the Kankariya group of Industries. He has rich experience of 25 years in Textile Industry. He began his career with textile trading activities and his passion for delivering total quality at an affordable price led him for backward integration. His innovative ideas saw Company introducing excellent product range that has favorite demand in the international market. He is far ahead of equals in thought and action and that makes ham a true leader.
Mr. P. R. Kankariya