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The Company makes all right from yarn to finished Garments. The Company has setup of Spinning & Textures mills where it makes its own quality Yarn and has about 3500 looms to make this Standard Fabrics. Most of fabrics quality is self innovated and are followed by market like chirag cotton, Holland cotton & polo cotton. The printing of the fabric is the best in India. The results are equaling to  Japan, Indonesia and any of the countries that gives excellent printing products The printing is the most specialty of the company with the KANKARIYA Techno Screen Pvt. Ltd.
Total Quality Assurance
We are offering a soft feel to our customer with ‘No Shrinkage’ as per international norms. We have in-house all facility for mercerization & dyeing.

Passionate Quality Management has endeared KANKARIYA Textile Industries Pvt. Ltd. to its highly demanding customers. We have empowered ourselves with one of the finest in-house textile testing laboratories in India, equipped with the world’s best testing equipments.
The oneness at personal level and active listening at interpersonal level creates excellent team resulting into the aligned organizational efforts.
A huge investment in our sophisticated, world-class testing lab is the reflection of KANKARIYA Textile Industries Pvt. Ltd. is commitment, confidence as well as philosophy towards maintaining global standards.
Total quality is not a thing but an event, demanding continuous improvement at personal & interpersonal level.